Affordable Newer Homes Available. 

Looking for a newer property that qualifies for the Down Payment Assistance Program?


We have over 50 homes on the westside bulit from 2000-2010 that qualify for up to $13,500 in Down Payment Assistance and priced from $155,000-$175,000.


The Down Payment Assistance Program can help reduce your Total Move-In Cost to as low as $2,800.


Simply complete the form below and we will emailed you a Free List of Qualifying Properties that fit your criteria.


Renwick Properties is your #1 Source for purchasing a home using the Down Payment Assistance Program.


We Work with the State of California, The National Homebuyers Fund and various Lender Sponsored Programs that provide homebuyers with up to $13,500 in Down Payment Assistance.


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Is your household income between $2,800-$7,000 before taxes
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